At present, the company has 12 scientific and technological personnel of Coptis chinensis (including 2 senior, 4 intermediate and 6 junior), specializing in the production and processing technology research and product development of Coptis chinensis, and has won one provincial major scientific and Technological Achievement Award and two scientific and technological progress awards.


Li Xuegang


Professor of Southwest University, leader of pharmaceutical chemistry in Chongqing, 100 high-end engineering and technical talents in Chongqing; leader of "traditional Chinese Medicine Chemistry" of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, has applied for 33 patents of Coptis chinensis (22 authorized), published more than 100 research papers on Coptis chinensis (24 papers included in SCI), and National Key Research Institute of Chinese medicine of the people's Republic of China during the 13th Five Year Plan period The project leader of "Huanglian large variety development" special project of "modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" of R & D plan. We have carried out systematic and in-depth research on the key technology of deep processing of Coptis chinensis, development and utilization of Coptis by-products, extraction and separation of active components and structural modification of Coptis chinensis. We have applied for 46 technical invention patents, and are in the leading level in China in the comprehensive development and utilization and deep processing research and development of Coptis chinensis.


Qu Xianyou


He is a researcher, director of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, Chongqing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, technical leader of Chongqing pharmacognosy discipline, Chinese medicine expert of Chongqing poverty Alleviation Office, technical director of gap of Rhizoma Coptidis in Shizhu, and chief expert of Coptis chinensis in our company. Mainly engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine resources, Chinese medicine cultivation and development and utilization of Chinese medicine resources. He has been stationed in Shizhu Coptis production area and engaged in research on Cultivation Techniques of Coptis chinensis. He has successively presided over or mainly researched more than 10 national key research projects "Research on germplasm resources of Coptis chinensis" and "Research on allelochemicals and Autotoxicity of Coptis chinensis" supported by the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". He edited monographs such as processing integration of Chinese national medicine, industrialized production and management of high quality Coptis chinensis, and ecological cultivation techniques of Coptis chinensis. He participated in the compilation of the third edition of national Chinese herbal medicine collection, and won 3 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements, and published more than 30 papers in national professional journals and magazines.


Ma Peixuan


He is the director of Scientific Research Institute of Rhizoma Coptidis in Shizhu, an expert of Coptis chinensis in Shizhu, senior consultant of Coptis industry, and special commissioner of Coptis science and technology. He is mainly engaged in the comprehensive research on ecological environment, production area planning, industrial development, gap business and other aspects of Shizhu Coptis, as well as the mining, sorting and utilization of historical documents. He is the main drafter of many independent intellectual property rights, such as gap documents, protection of geographical indication products, national standards and trademarks of Coptis chinensis. He is the author of "Shizhu Huanglian Zhi", "Shizhu Chinese herbal medicine Zhi" and so on.


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