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Chongqing Wanglong Coptis science and Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as "Shizhu Coptis scientific research institute", was established in 1961. After several restructuring, it has gradually evolved into an agricultural (traditional Chinese Medicine) industrialization technology enterprise based on Coptis chinensis. The company is located in Huangshui Town, Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing, which is the core production area of "the hometown of Coptis in China". It is a modern scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, production, processing, purchase and sale and export of Coptis chinensis. The company takes the local scientific and technological personnel of Coptis chinensis as the main body, combines with Coptis production enterprises, communities, professional cooperatives, as well as the large number of Liangong, liannong, planting, purchasing and marketing professional enterprises, and takes Chongqing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine as the technical support to carry out the scientific research, planting, purchase, sale and export of traditional Chinese medicine mainly composed of Rhizoma Coptidis. The company has a comprehensive office, planning and finance department, production technology department, base management department, quality management department, marketing department and other institutions, including Shizhu Huanglian Scientific Research Institute, export Coptis planting base, export Coptis processing plant and other units. The business jurisdiction is 1 Coptis professional cooperative, 48 Coptis professional production teams, and 800 Coptis planting personnel.


 In the way of "leading enterprise + scientific research + base + farmer + cooperative", the company has established a gap certified planting base of more than 15000 mu, an export processing record base of 2000 mu, an organic Coptis planting base of 3000 mu, and a certified planting base of genuine medicinal materials of 10070 mu. The annual average planting and harvesting of Coptis chinensis is 3000 mu, the annual output of Coptis chinensis is 750 tons, and the sales revenue is 85 million yuan, including 3 million US dollars of export foreign exchange. In recent years, the company has invested a lot in the construction of ecological information monitoring system, breeding base for improved varieties of Coptis chinensis, national dynamic monitoring station of traditional Chinese medicine resources, inspection and detection center of Shizhu Coptis, traceability system of Rhizoma Coptidis, and standardized cultivation training system of Coptis chinensis. A standardized cold storage warehouse of 3000m3, a primary processing classification center of 2000 m2, an inspection and testing center of 200 m2, two low-temperature hot air drying production lines, and a logistics distribution center of 3000 m2 were established to implement the traceability of quality management of traditional Chinese medicine with "controllable quality, traceable source and traceable responsibility".


Diligence, dedication, motivation, seeking the true meaning of suffering. The dictionary says: bitter, like the taste of bile and Coptis. We grew up in the hometown of Coptis chinensis, benefited from the suffering of Coptis chinensis, nurtured and moistened by it, so that we have the gratitude to Coptis. Only by knowing the pain can we grow up, and only by knowing it can we achieve success. Let the bitter become a kind of strength, a force that infuses the life of the enterprise and the soul of the employees, face the truth in the original flavor of life, forge integrity in the bitter taste of Coptis, embody the character in life, seek change in hardship, progress in change, win in progress, have joy in pain, be solid in pain, and live strong. The stone pillar Coptis will make us bitter and sweet.


At present, the company has 12 scientific and technological personnel of Coptis chinensis (including 2 senior, 4 intermediate and 6 junior), specializing in the production and processing technology research and product development of Coptis chinensis, and has won one provincial major scientific and Technological Achievement Award and two scientific and technological progress awards. In recent years, the company has carried out technical cooperation with Southwest University and Chongqing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, fully relying on scientific and technological progress, carrying out in-depth research and development of cultivation and processing technology of Coptis chinensis, continuously improving the industrial level of Coptis chinensis and promoting the production of Rhizoma Coptidis in Shizhu The company has successively completed a series of standardization, standardization and modernization research and experimental demonstration projects of Coptis chinensis by AQSIQ, the Ministry of science and technology and Chongqing, solved a series of key technical problems in the development of Coptis chinensis industry, and achieved a number of core technical achievements with independent intellectual property rights. It is the key project undertaking unit of the 13th five year plan "modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" special "development of large varieties of Coptis chinensis".


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